JBZoo update to 2.1.3

Integration with PayPal and IK v2, currency converters and the dependence of filters from categories

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So, we would like to introduce a new JBZoo version, which is a really big release!

JBZoo update to 2.1.3
  • How can I connect PayPal to my online store?
  • Update of the protocol for Interkassa.
  • Brand new currency converters: CBR.ru, PrivatBank, ECB.
  • New filter features - relation to categories.
  • Optimization of the application performance.
  • New features and some bug fixes.

Briefly about coming events

Within last couple of months we have been busy working and have considerably improved our documentation section. A whole bunch of useful topics from the forum has already been transferred to the website and in the draft a lot more is on the waiting list to be published.

Besides releasing new JBZoo.com website, we have worked on the design of our clientarea section and now it’s lovely and perfectly customized.

What’s new?

Shopping cart and payment systems

  • Long-awaited integration with PayPal is finally ready now. Configuration is pretty simple and detailed documentation is coming soon.
  • We have added native support of the new protocol of a popular Interkassa v2 payment system aggregator. This service has experienced great improvements. Its developers are definetely on the right track.
  • In the shopping cart form you can now specify a category where orders will be saved.
  • Payment links in email messages have been modified.
  • Bug with an empty message that sometimes appeared after order creation has been successfully fixed.

New currency converter

Starting with this version, you can optionally choose a method of currency conversion. We have attached API of such services as:

In addition to that, we have refreshed the currencies in the local jbcurrency.xml.

Import of items and categories

  • Our import has recevied a brand new option that allows you to automatically generate aliases for items and categories from their names (if aliases weren’t specified).
  • Previously we had some problems with import of fractional numbers, now everything is perfectly ok.
  • Fix of the fatal error when specific settings of import broke configuration file of an item type.

Moreover, for the future extensions of our lovely app, the code on the import helper is open now.

Items filter

There is now an option in JBZoo Search and JBZoo Search List modules that adds dependence of a filter from current category.


  • If nothing is found in the database for a filter field, it will be hidden. This, alongside with the dependence from categories, will allow you to create a lot of filter forms using just one module. Not sure what this means? Our tech support is ready to help.
  • New template for the category field which adds a hidden field with a current category value to the filter. As we have seen on practice, sometimes it might be quite useful.
  • Once again about categories. Now this field in a filter automatically accepts the value of a current category improving navigation within the website and filter.

Some fixes:

  • Improved compatibility of pagination in the search results with third-party SEF components.
  • Nice stub for the PrevNext element in the filter form configuration.
  • If the integrity of ZOO database has somehow been broken (for example, after manual changes with phpMyAdmin), some errors could have appeared during the indexation or search. Fixed!
  • Problem with indexation when the value similar to the date was stored in the tags. Fixed!
  • Optimisation of the search by countries, item names and authors.
  • Previously, placeholder attribute worked only in the autocomplete mode, now it works all the time.

JBZoo elements

  • Before this release, JBImage element deleted attached image together with an item. Now this is optional.
  • Without specifying dimensions in the JBImage settings, the resizer won’t create a copy in the cache and the original image will be used (sometimes this may crucially important).
  • Price element is now able to cache itself greatly helping you if you use a lot of price variations.
  • Creating new products, empty SKU field is automatically filled with item ID.
  • YandexShare buttons are able to display buttons-counters. Now JBZoo can do this as well.
  • Brand new template in the cascade select showing selected values together with the headers.
  • JBRelatedItems can be disabled for a specific item.
  • JBRelatedItems better understands related categories when searching for similar items.

JBZoo Category List module

  • We added a new option to select a menu item. This allows you to specify a root menu item which will be used in the links to categories.
  • Module templates can now mark an active category with HTML-class (a tab, for example).
  • Some small general changes to the module.

Improvements in the control panel

  • Nice font in the list of items during the creation of new catalog item.
  • Fields for the payment systems’ keys are now protected as the standard password fields.
  • Sharp colored delimiter in the settings lists.

Other changes

  • For such special pages as cart, item comparison, search results and other meta robots=«noindex, nofollow» is enforced to strengthen the parameters of your website by search results
  • Transliteration fix - fixed a problem with double angle quotation marks.
  • Improved algorithm of including jQuery. If it is possible, Joomla version of jQuery will be used.
  • Small fixes of favorites lists.
  • Test of PHP-session initialization speed sometimes produced errors.
  • Caching algorithm has been optimized. In some cases there is a 10-20% increase in performance.
  • Comparison page now hides empty rows.
  • YML export is able to export repeatable images.
  • New feed item template.

Our plans for the future

Shopping cart constructor

We started to work hard on the new feature called “shopping cart constructor”. It will be possible to extend the shopping cart and the checkout process using different elements (they will be included, of course). New payment and delivery methods will appear, as well as such tricky things like “Payment for an ad”.

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  • happyxinqiang
    25 April 2014 at 14:09

    Congratulations! paypal finally been integrated into the jbzoo, do you considered integrating Alipay yet? Because Taobao, Alipay is China's most popular payment method, accounting for more than 90% market share, if you are willing to provide Alipay jbzoo function, I am sure will greatly increase sales of jbzoo ......

  • SmetDenis
    SmetDenis (admin)
    25 April 2014 at 22:48


    In the version JBZoo 2.2 we will make new flexible API for 3d party extensions (payments, delivery etc). I think after that, we could add others payment systems.

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