JBZoo Update to 2.1

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We have finished another 2 months of development and there are some nice things for you - convenient control panel, custom sorting, better performance of filters and of the whole application.

JBZoo Update to 2.1

We finally abandoned the idea of displaying the settings and important elements of control panel as pop-up windows. Now you can see a new tab with everything related to JBZoo and even some useful ZOO functionality. All appearance is made with UIkit CSS framework (from YooTheme).


Presumably, the current version can be considered as a final variant of the control panel.

New control panel

JBZoo Admin Menu

New JBZoo menu in the header of Joomla control panel

In order to make navigation easier, we added new menu to the header of the control panel. All important pages are listed there.

Custom sorting for categories and filters

Our application was lacking sorting by custom fields. Now a category can sort items by any fields in any direction. There is a possibility to apply several sortings at once.

An update of the searching system… filters, modules, database

We increased the performance of all heavy queries as much as possible (tests show an increase by 7-10 times).

На демо-сайте вы можете посмотреть, как отображаются 10 000 материалов.

New possibilities of JBRelated Items element

Configuration of JBRelated Items (auto)We have such nice element as JBRelated Items (auto). It can automatically pick similar items by comparing the values of fields. But its settings weren’t flexible enough.

Now you can easily add custom parameters and specify a range of the search using special fields in the settings of this element.

New features of the import/export

Export of current item types

Appropriate item types are compressed to an archive and are sent to the browser. This way you can quickly download the settings of item types without FTP access.

Auto-filling of price variations

If there is a nonexistent price variation value in the CSV file, a list of price options will be extended automatically.

Filling the cascade select using an import

There is now a possibility to fill JBSelect Cascade using an import file. In order to do this, you should specify missing values in a CSV file. Nesting will be determined automatically.

New format of import and export for JBPrice Advance element

Starting from this version, price data can be imported and exported in a complex or separately. For example, you can export basic price data in a separate CSV fields and import such data without using complicated combinations of keys.

Operations with category settings

Now you can export and import any of the multiple category settings.

The tool for testing your web-hosting performance

Performance testThis is a new feature to find weak spots in your web-server. On the special page several dozens of various tests will be executed one after another. They are separated by groups: processor, database, file system, speed of website initialization etc.

You can approximately estimate the performance of your web hosting based on the results. After the test you can compare your results with the average statistic.


Category sorting in the JBZoo Category List module. Before there was only sorting of items in a category. Now you can set the ordering of categories themselves

New flag for a price - “Best seller”. You can also search for a products with this flag using filters.

Update of the Tablesorter widget. It is updated to version 2.14.2. To be honest, this widget was replaced with its fork with a full backward compatibility - http://mottie.github.io/tablesorter/

JBZoo caching. The cache of our application now works on Joomla API (before it was using ZOO possibilities).

Images in the order emails. Now there is a small image of a product in the order email.

What next? What are the plans?

As always, we have big plans. Here is an approximate list:

  • Shopping cart constructor where most of the settings can be configured with a mouse.
  • A system of modifiers for payment, delivery and discounts.
  • New payment systems.
  • New front-end template.
  • A couple of new modules and elements.

I want to upgrade my website. What should I do?

First of all, be sure to make a full backup of your website!

Right now, everything is the same with updates. Just do everything like in the documentation.

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