About our company, our product and our team

What is it?

JBZoo project came into life on December, 2011 as an experimental extension for Joomla. After long and hard coding during snowy winter evenings, this script has grown into something people used to call a product.

This means that now we have all necessary peripherals of a modern software:

Now our application successfully works on several thousands of real websites. We reckon several tens of thousands of unique installations, and watch how our developers community growths.

Altogether, JBZoo is not yet another online store component, it is a separate content constructor. Generally speaking, it alone can replace most Joomla extensions, thus noticeably reducing a headache of managing a website and filling it with a content.

Who is involved?

Currently a small but pretty productive group of talented people takes active part in the product evolvement.

The composition of our main team

  • Smetannikov Denis (SmetDenis) — CEO&Founder (Core development, main wizard).
  • Smetannikova Yekaterina (Katrine) — Marketing and project evolvement.
  • Triput Maxim (Sliapy) — Technical support, help with project evolvement.
  • Kalistratov Sergey (Cheren-dow) — Developement of small extensions and tech support.
  • Voytsehovsky Andrey (Kess) — Localizations, English tech support.
  • Smetannikova Anastasia (S.Nastya) — Copywriting and documentation.
  • Oganov Alexander (tapakan) — QA, testing, help with tech support.

Sometimes we receive help from

  • Litvinov Alexander (iyojick) — Website design, help with creating identity.
  • Afanasiev Alexander, Avdeyeva Oksana — Consultation and help with promotion.

Currently our project is actively expanding and we are always happy to hear your wishes and propositions.