How to transfer your application to JBZoo using import/export

How to transfer the content from one ZOO application to another application

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Sometimes there is a need to quickly transfer the content from one application to another. For example, if you already have a configured ZOO application, but you want to have JBZoo features such as a filter or a shopping cart. Then you can painlessly transfer your application using the method described below.

Export an application from ZOO component

Import - Export button

Go to the application that you want to transfer and press the “Config” button.

Now click on the barely noticeable “Import / Export” button at the top left corner of the configuration manager.

JSON export

Click “JSON” on the opened page. Note that an amount of categories and items of your application is displayed on it.

You will be prompted to save this file in a Json format. Save it to your hard drive.

Transfer item types

If you already configured your item types in this application then they must be transfered.

For example, in order to transfer item types from “Blog” application (ZOO) to “jbuniversal” application (JBZoo), you need to go to this directory:


Then copy a needed file to


This way you’ll save all item types that were created in your previous application.

Transfer item templates

Item templates are located here:


In order to transfer them, you should copy files from this folder to a similar one for the new application. Thus, you’ll be able to preserve an appearance of your items.

Import an application

Importing an application

Now you should import the content to your new application. To do this, go to the ZOO component page and create a new application by clicking the “+” tab. If you want to use JBZoo, then choose “JBZoo App” from the list. After it is created, press “Import / Export” button at the top left corner.

In the “Import From JSON” section click on the “Search” button and choose previously downloaded file. Click “Upload” button. A window with import configuration will open. Select the transferred item type from the list and match the fields. If everything is OK, then the fields should be selected automatically. After that press the “Import” button. You should have a filled application now.

Important notes

If item types are very different (for example, “Blog” and “Page” or “JBZoo” and “Catalog product”), then not all application settings will be transferred. For example, item columns or sorting in a category may not work. Everything depends on the specific implementation of an application. Most of the time, there are no big problems.

Configuring template layouts

When importing items that have associated files, you must copy these files to the new application, so they will be available by the same addresses. Otherwise, such fields as an image, a gallery, a file or similar may stay empty.

After an import, it is most likely that you will have to manually configure all item output templates.

Export, Import

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