Inheritance of settings in categories

Settings of specific categories and their inheritance

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Global application settings inheritance is implemented in JBZoo. You can configure settings for the whole application and they will be applied to all categories. Apart from this, each category has its own set of settings that are duplicated from the global ones.

In order to change settings of a specific category, you should do the following:

Categories in ZOO component

  1. Choose a needed application on the ZOO component page.
  2. Open the “Categories” tab.
  3. Click on the category that you need.
    Configuration of a specific category
  4. Expand the “Config” list on the right and uncheck “Global” option for the required settings. Parameters that can be changed will appear.
  5. Click on a “Template” tab and do the same with those settings.

Thus, by overriding settings of some categories, you can create a unique appearance for different sections of your website.

Category, Template

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