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Items of a current categoryFields that you add in item type configuration are displayed in category items. For example, on the product catalog page of JBZoo demo website there are item title, subtitle, image, rating etc.

“Configuration” tab

In the application settings under the “Configuration” tab you can configure following options:

  • Settings in the Configuration tabItems per page - determines how pagination will work.
  • Ordering - defines an order of items.
    • Field - a field that will be used to determine ordering. You can choose one of the core fields such as “Creation date”, “Hits”, “Name” etc. or use any custom field.
    • Real estate objects ordered by priceSorting mode - here you should choose an appropriate sorting mode. For example, if you sort by item name, choose “As strings”, if you sort by creation date, choose “As dates”.
    • Reverse order - determines whether ordering should be made in a straight order or reverse order or random.

“Template” tab

In the “Template” tab under the “Items” title you can configure following options:

  • Columns - number of columns for items (from 1 to 6).
  • Ordering - the direction of items in columns.
    • Across - items are displayed horizontally, line by line, from left to right.
    • Down - items are displayed vertically, column by column, from top to bottom.
  • Pagination - if you choose “Yes”, pagination will be displayed (if there are more items than in the “Items per page” option).

Settings in the Template tabJBZoo paginationTwo columns of items

Category, Item, Template

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