JBZoo Quick View - quick item preview in a pop-up window

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There is a lot of information about products and services on websites. And even more properties. In order to make it possible for a user to quickly view needed information, we created JBZoo Quick View element. It is able to display needed information in one click in a pop-up window. Visitors don’t have to open full page of a product to see its properties. This saves time, which is precious.

How to add this element to an item type?

Go to the “Cog-wheel” tab and choose “JBZoo App”.

Opening application settingsJBZoo App

Find needed item type and click on “Edit Elements”. Then add JBZoo Quick View element from the Element Library.

Editing an item typeElement Library

Fill in common information: name, description and access level.

Element settings in the item type

How to display this element in an item template?

Once again find your item type and open one of its templates. Drag your new element into the needed position on the left and click on a pencil icon.

Choosing an item templateMoving the element

Element settings in the item template

  • Item output template — this parameter defines what template will be used in a pop-up window.
  • Window type:
    • Mootools — Mootools library is used;
    • Fancybox — jQuery Fancybox plugin is used.
  • Enable scrolling — this options enables or disables vertical scrolling bar in a pop-up window. Only works with Fancybox window type.
  • Auto size — this option enables or disables automatic window height resizing. Only works with Fancybox window type.
  • Button text — it is a label for a button.
  • Window width and height — dimensions of a pop-up window in pixels. Works for all window types.

Appearance of the element on the website

JBZoo Quick View will look similar to this after configuration is done:

Button appearance Pop-up window appearance
button appearance pop-up window
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Still gotta questions, who can help me?

Visit our special JBZoo tech support forum which is specifically meant for JBZoo so the priority of the response and its promptness are much better there than in any other place. With inactive account with a “Plus” sign in a tariff plan you can ask for support in one of these sections or use any of our contacts.