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Extended JBZoo search configuration

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You are surely familiar with the main advantages of JBZoo filters. Now it’s time to learn how they can be configured. You should already have a catalog to do that.

List of extended search templatesGo to JBZoo configuration in the Joomla control panel (“cog-wheel” tab -> “JBZoo App”). Find the “JBZoo Search” extension in the right column. You will see a list of available templates next to it. Roughly speaking, this is the very configuration of a filter appearance. We will examine templates that come with JBZoo package. But you should keep in mind that it’s not difficult to make your own templates. Template quantity is not limited.

Extended search form templates

“2 Columns”

Two columns filter templateTwo columns filter on the websiteWith this template search form is displayed as two columns. If you click on “2 Columns” link, you’ll get to the template fields editor. You’ll see two positions here: “Left fields” (for the left columns) and “Right fields (for the right column).


Accordion filter templateAccordion filter template on the websiteIt will be useful to configure a filter as an accordion if you have a very large search form. In this case a search form will be in form of vertical tabs expanding on click. On the template editing page you'll see around 10 positions, each of them having its own tab. To have the field in the specific tab, just drag it with a mouse.


Default filter templateDefault filter template on the websiteThis template is designed to display a simple single-column form of extended search. That’s why there is only one position. Just drag elements to this position to add them to a filter.


Inline filter templateInline filter template on the websiteThis template displays elements in one row. So there is also only one position and it corresponds to this string.


Table filter templateTable filter template on the websiteSearch form elements are displayed as a table. In the default solution you can use 1 - 2 rows and 1 - 4 columns. There are corresponding positions in the template editing page. You should read position titles like this: “Table cell #1:2” is a first row, second column, “Table cell #2:4” is a second row, fourth column etc.

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