JBZoo search module in Joomla

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If you already configured a template and a search form fields then it’s time to create a search module in Joomla. It’s pretty easy to do.

Using Joomla top menu go to “Extensions” -> “Module Manager”.

After installation of JBZoo Search module you should press “New” button and select JBZoo Search.

Selecting a module type

You’ll see several tabs with module parameters. Let’s examine them.

Main settings of a search module

Main module settings

Application — this option defines an application where a module will be searching.

Item type — here you should specify an item type by which a search will be made.

Template — you can choose on of the templates here: "2 Columns", "Accordion", "Default", "Inline", "Table". This way only selected template will be used for a specific application.

Menu item — filter form will refer to this menu item. So after sending search request, a user will be redirected to this menu item. It is recommended to select a menu item where ZOO is installed or where search results should be displayed. Modules visibility depends on this option.

Module Class Suffix — this is an additional classes for a module. If you specify some classes here, you’ll be able to use them in your CSS.

Alternative Layout — this option allows you to choose different templates from the list. (more about alternative layouts)

Search logic

Search logic

Default value
  • “and” option means that the presence of all selected values in found items is mandatory.
  • “or” option means that the presence of all selected values in found items is not mandatory.
Show in the form — this option defines whether to display a radio-button for choosing search logic or not.



Default value — a number of items on a page with pagination.

Show in the form — whether to display a drop-down list for choosing the number of items on a page or not.

Items order

Items order

Show in the form — whether to display a drop-down list for choosing the order of items in search results or not.

List of orderings on the website — ordering by these fields will be available on the website.

Default ordering — specify the field and a direction of a default ordering.



Send — whether to display “Send” button or not.

Reset — whether to display “Reset” button or not.



Auto-submission — this option enables or disables automatic submission. That is, after changing non-text fields, the form will be submitted automatically.

Search type

“Exact”. This type works well with reference data, where the user can not enter any value, such as radio, select and so on.

“Full Text”. It’s better to choose this type if the search is made by parts of words or by few words.

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Still gotta questions, who can help me?

Visit our special JBZoo tech support forum which is specifically meant for JBZoo so the priority of the response and its promptness are much better there than in any other place. With inactive account with a “Plus” sign in a tariff plan you can ask for support in one of these sections or use any of our contacts.