How to reindex database for filter in JBZoo?

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JBZoo uses its own search index for filter.

We need to use this index because the database structure of ZOO component doesn't allow for SQL query filters.

How to start database index?

Go to the control panel on the page
address: http:///administrator/index.php?option=com_zoo&controller=manager&task=types&group=jbuniversal

And find this button at the top of toolbar


When do I need to do the indexing of the database?

  • After any updates of ZOO or JBZoo
  • After great changes in content (e.g. import)
  • if a filter doesn't work correctly
  • If you're paranoid.

In other cases, you don't need to re-index.

Because it's automatic, check all changes and save data for any changes catalog items.

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