Subcategories configuration

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In the previous articles we described the structure of pages based on JBZoo and also explained what is a category and its subcategories.

Subcategories and a current category on the JBZoo demo websiteFor example, on our JBZoo demo website “Product catalog” is a current category, and Nettops, Netbooks, Tablets etc. are subcategories. If we go to the “Nettops” page, this section will become a current category. So the same section can be a category and a subcategory. It all depends where you are located.

As you can see on the scheme, a subcategories block consists of columns that include a subcategory template with its items. You can set the following for any subcategory:

  1. Subcategory title
  2. Short description (teaser)
  3. Teaser image
  4. Subcategory elements

How to edit subcategories information?

In order to fill subcategories fields you should do the following:

  1. Go to the ZOO component using top menu of the control panel.
  2. Choose needed application (for example, “Product catalog”).
  3. Click on the “Categories” tab.
  4. Find the category you want to change in the list. Or add a new one using “New” button.
  5. Edit Teaser and Teaser image fields.

Location of the ZOO component in the control panelChoosing a categoryEditing subcategory information

Subcategories configuration

Config tabExpandable tabsIn order to open settings of the subcategories, you should follow directions on these screenshots.

Configuration tab

Find “Subcategories” title in the “Configuration” tab. Here you can configure following options:

  • Image parametersImage width and height - new dimensions for the uploaded image on a category page. This will help you solve problems with the design if you are using huge images. If the proportions of an image are different compared to the specified values, an image will be scaled down first, then it will be cropped. So there will be no distortion. All transparency in PNG and GIF will be preserved.
    Resized copies of images are stored in the file cache and are not resized every time somebody visits a page of this category. Thus, there is no performance loss.

Template tab

Subcategories settings in the Template tab

Now go to the “Template” tab and find “Subcategories” title.

Here you can configure following options:

Displaying subcategories without additional information


This options enables or disables displaying of subcategories. If you choose “No” (disabling), subcategories will not be displayed.

Subcategories with teaser text


Determines whether teaser text of subcategories will be displayed or not.

Subcategories with teaser images


Determines whether teaser image of subcategories will be displayed or not.

Centered subcategories teaser image

Smaller images floated to the right

Position of the image

Sets the alignment of the image:

  • Left - an image will be aligned to the left. A following text will flow around it, to the right.
  • Right - an image will be aligned to the left. A following text will flow around it, to the left.
  • Center - an image will be in the center of a subcategory teaser.
  • None - only alignment rules from CSS will be applied.
Example of an empty subcategory


Whether to show or to hide categories without elements. In this case the amount of nested elements will not be displayed.

Example of two columns for subcategories


The number of columns for subcategories. You can choose between 1 and 6.

Subcategories order - across

Subcategories order - down


Specifies the direction of subcategories in columns:

  • Across - subcategories are displayed line by line, from left to right.
  • Down - subcategories are displayed column by column, from top to bottom.
Displaying amount of items in subcategories

Items in total

Displays the total amount of items within subcategories next to their titles.

Limiting the number of displayed items

Number of items

Limits the number of displayed subcategory items. “0” - means that elements should not be displayed, “-1” - display all. This option is useful when there are a lot of items and you only need to display the specific amount of them.

Category, Subcategory

Still gotta questions, who can help me?

Visit our special JBZoo tech support forum which is specifically meant for JBZoo so the priority of the response and its promptness are much better there than in any other place. With inactive account with a “Plus” sign in a tariff plan you can ask for support in one of these sections or use any of our contacts.