Item template layouts and positions configuration

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A template is a layout or a skeleton in which content is rendered. It affects an appearance of an item and it can be different depending on the task. For example, one template is for the detailed page of a product and the other one is for a list of products.

Where templates are configured in ZOO?

Available template layoutsClick on the “cog-wheel” tab in the component administration page. Then choose an application that you need, for example, “JBZoo App”. In the appeared table find a column named “Template Layouts”.

Each template has its own task

RSS subscription button

Feed - for RSS feed

This template is responsible for an output of RSS feed which allows users to quickly subscribe to news. Only short description of an item can be configured in a news feed. Any text fields can be added here.

When RSS is enabled in the configuration of an application or a category, some browsers display an icon in the address bar that allows users to easily subscribe to a feed. It is displayed only in a category or on the frontpage.

JBZoo has an option to enable RSS button within the content of an application. It has several useful settings.

Full template example

Full - for a detailed page of an item

This template is used to display a detailed page. When you configure some elements in this template, they will be displayed on a page with detailed information of an item. For example, Full template is used on our demo website.

Related items template

Related - for related items

This template is used to display related items. For example, in the Real estate section of our demo website you can see information about an agent, even though an agent and a real estate object are different items. Thus, you can insert one item into the other one.

Teaser example

Teaser - for the list of items

This template is used on the pages with a list of items. For example, teaser can be found on the frontpage, in a category, after using alphabetical index or tags etc.

Additionally, in JBZoo it is used to display search results when using extended search (a filter).

Subcategory items example

Subcategory item (available only in JBZoo) - for the items within a subcategory

This template is used to display items of subcategories. You can see an example on our demo website in the Blog section. “Section 1” and “Section 2” here are subcategories of a main category - “Some blog directories”.

Item submission

Submission - for the item submission form

This template determines the appearance and the set of fields of a form that is used when users add or edit items from the frontend. You can see an example on our demo website in the Real estate section if you try to post an ad.

Compare template

Compare (available only in JBZoo) - for item comparison

This template is used to display a comparison table.

More about item comparison.

Adding products to favorites

Favorites list

Favorite (available only in JBZoo) - for a favorites list

This template is used to display information in the list of favorite items which a user chooses by pressing “Add to favorite” button.

How to add elements (fields)?

Example of the full template positions

Click on a template that you want to configure. You will see all available positions to the left.

Different templates have different positions and display fields in a different parts of a page. In order to assign elements, just drag them from the right side to the left one.

Adding elements to positionsAfter you drag an element, you can use a pencil icon in order to open its settings. After making changes, press “Save” button and you will see your fields on the website.

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