Is there multi-language support?


Multi-language support is a sensitive issue for any website. In spite of the fact that this is a common  issue, every website has its own requirements for multi-language implementation.

In its pure form, JBZoo does not support synchronous content translations (for example, for every Russian page there is a corresponding English version). This can’t be done natively because of the database structure.

We can suggest the following options:

  • Use ZOOlingual (special extensions from Zoolanders).
  • Create two separate categories (or applications), each one with its own language.
  • Make several languages in one item using custom fields and then switch them.
  • Invent your own solution (limitless possibilities).

Each of these options has its own bad sides so we can’t recommend a particular one… It will be better if you create a topic on our tech support forum with a detailed description of your website.

Still gotta questions, who can help me?

Visit our special JBZoo tech support forum which is specifically meant for JBZoo so the priority of the response and its promptness are much better there than in any other place. With inactive account with a “Plus” sign in a tariff plan you can ask for support in one of these sections or use any of our contacts.