Pre-sales questions

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# What are the system requirements for JBZoo?

An answer to this question is explained in detail on the system requirements page.

# Are there any additional payments required for updates?

Of course, not. After you buy any tariff plan, you get 180 days of free updates to any versions.

# Will the application work if I update ZOO or Joomla?

For sure! This happens thanks to some important facts:

  • JBZoo is a separate application, not assuming patches of original files. It only extends existing functionality.
  • During the development of our application we used the very API which is guaranteed to be used in the future versions of these platforms (if we can trust statements of their developers).
  • If some of existing API functionality didn’t meet our needs, it was reloaded or substituted programmatically, without changing the business-logic of a whole website.

So we were able to achieve the stable work on different platforms, independence and painless updates of ZOO component or Joomla.

Most of other solutions based on ZOO usually change some core files of the component so an update becomes a very hard process and sometimes almost impossible.

# Where can I see JBZoo in action?

You can have a look at the examples of real websites and feedback of our subscribers. Almost all functionality is displayed on our demo website. You can see the inner side of the application on the page with screenshots of a control panel.

# Where can I read the license agreement?

You can alway read the terms of our license agreement on this page.

# Are there any restrictions regarding domains?

Yes, we have a limit for the number of domains used. You can read more about this on the purchase page. There is a table with tariff plans and conditions there.

It should be noted that we don’t count local websites and sub-domains of real websites. We check whether a website is “local” by the domain name.

# How does domain limitation work?

You can make any number of local websites. “Locality” is determined by the domain name. For example, localhost, site.localhost, mysite, mysite.local,,, my-love-site.www. Any address as IP is also considered local and doesn’t count.

If you activate a website on a subdomain which address looks real (not another “localhost”, that is), then the main domain of this website will be added to the list in your account.

So, for example, you can use following addresses:


All of the above addresses will be counted as just ONE “”, so subdomains are not counted, only main domains are. You can manage the list of your websites in the personal account.

# I don’t need whole JBZoo, but only a filter or an element. Is this possible?

Unfortunately, all extensions that come with JBZoo don’t work separately. Our filter, shopping cart and elements will work only in an application that was made with JBZoo.

# Can i test your extension before the purchase?

Before the purchase you can familiarize yourself with our demo website, detailed screenshots of the control panel, list of features, documentation.

Unfortunately, you can’t get a temporary copy of our application for the test purposes, only after the purchase.

# What is the term of subscription?

180 calendar days. Actually, for six month after the purchase. After the expiration of subscription your websites will continue to work normally without any changes. (i.e. there are no messages or shutdowns).

If you need the tech support or updates, you can prolong a license when you wish.

# Why JBZoo is not in JED?

The main and only reason why we are not present in JED catalog (Joomla! Extensions Directory) - is a restriction for adding extensions with any form of encryption. And the protection of several our files is made using ionCube encryption. Such measures go against JED catalog rules.

But there is a reason why we did so. Unfortunately, there are a lot of dishonest users and freeloaders in the internet. That’s why we had to use such complications as a license and encryption, sacrificing our presence in JED catalog.

# I have a question. Where can I ask it?

If you didn’t find an answer for your question in the FAQ section, you can start a topic on our tech support forum (there is a pre-sales section if you don’t have a subscription yet). In any case, you can always ask a question using these contacts - we will definitely reply to you.

# What will happen when my subscription ended?

  • You will be accordingly notified via email.
  • You will be unable to upgrade JBZoo on your website to the latest version.
  • You will lose an access to the closed section of the tech support forum.
  • You will be unable to authorize in your personal account and manage the list of your websites.
  • It will be impossible to activate new websites, even if the current limit of your tariff plan allows it.

Your existing websites will continue to work like before, without any bad changes.

You can activate your license at any time when you want.

# I’ve activated website with JBZoo and gave it to the client. Can he use my subscription?

No. If you didn’t give him your license information, he will be unable to get them from the website. Because entered login and password are reliably encrypted and attached to a domain. The password is not stored as plain text.

# How can I get my money back

We are ready to make a full refund only if there were no download, activation and authorization registered..

Otherwise, we don’t make any refund, simply for one reason- you have a copy of our product anyway. You can read about this in the license agreement that you accepted when you made a purchase. There is a link to it on the payment page, as well as in the email message.

After you proceed with a payment, you’ll have an access to download section of our application or the demo website copy, so we can’t control whether you use them or not (whether you honestly deleted an application or not).

So please, take some time before the purchase and learn about JBZoo features, check out the demo website to decide whether our extension suits your needs or not. Any questions? Feel free to ask them to our tech support or use any other contact methods.

If you have already bought our extension and can’t understand its settings, just ask a question, describing your problem, to our tech support. It’s very easy to do it, just create a new topic.

Still gotta questions, who can help me?

Visit our special JBZoo tech support forum which is specifically meant for JBZoo so the priority of the response and its promptness are much better there than in any other place. With inactive account with a “Plus” sign in a tariff plan you can ask for support in one of these sections or use any of our contacts.