Favorites list

Add a product to favorites list

JBZoo Favorite is an element that allows users to add items and products they like to their own favorites list. Sometimes it’s called wishlist (a list of purchases, wishes) or bookmarks.

For example, if a person wants to buy something, he/she can leave a product for the end and then come back to it any time he/she wants or he/she just can put aside favorite articles to study them in a more thorough way later. Items will be kept in this list until a user deletes them manually.

How does it work?

One button is replaced with two other

An item in a catalog receives Add to favorite button. Upon pressing this item appears in the favorites list and this button is replaced with two other: Remove (removes an item from the list) and Favorite (opens favorites list).

List of favorite items

For authorized users the list is stored in the database and for anonymous users the list is available until browser cookies are cleared.

To see favorites list on our demo website, you should click Your favorites link in the sidebar. Displayed information can be easily configured in the control panel by simple mouse operations.