Import and export

Import settingsThose who seriously work with websites know how useful import/export of content can be. For example, if you use a product database, you can easily transfer its data to the website, or vice-versa using the CSV format. And no data will be lost or mixed up.

ZOO component has its own import. But it didn't live up to our expectations. A lot of incompleteness prevented using it to its full potential. That's why we decided to write our own variant with a lot of possibilities. Let's see what features it has.

  • Data processing is made step-by-step. This allows to import big files while not loading the server too much.

  • Data from the CSV file is associated with website materials by different keys (ItemID, alias, name). You don't have to remember some random ID from your website because you can easily synchronize your products with a database using their SKU, for example.

  • Information can be easily updated by specific item fields while keeping other data unchanged.

  • It is not hard to import not only materials but categories as well. Update is made for any fields (Metadata, core data, settings etc.)

  • Entries which are not present in the import file can be deleted (or deactivated) from the website.

  • CSV format of the import file if fully compatible with the format of the standard ZOO file.

  • You don't have to repeat assigning fields during import. All settings are saved in the user profile.

If that was not enough, here are some more features:

  • Such elements as radio, select and checkbox have a strict set of options that can be configured in the item settings. In the standard ZOO, you had to know and fill them before making an import. It is very inconvenient, especially if we are talking about dozens of items. Such options are set dynamically in JBZoo. This means that you don't need to configure elements beforehand and no options will be missed.

  • There are more settings for the export, even when exporting only a part of the website. For example, you can choose to export only custom fields from the items which are not published and which belong to a specific category. And sort the results by the publish date in a descending order.

  • You can easily extend JBZoo import/export functionality to suit your needs. In order to do this, you need to write two functions in the special PHP-file: toCSV() and fromCSV().

Export settings