JBZoo elements

JBZoo Elements are additional properties for the items. They are displayed as a text, switches (radio), checkboxes, etc.

For JBZoo we have created elements with different functionalioty and their own settings. They do expand the limits of the component operation. As if you were building a house, you could compose various pages with such elements.



Repeatable image with a pop-up on click

  • Repeatable element
  • Image pop-ups and zooms on click
  • You can set a random link or a link to an item
  • Configurable dimensions of thumbnails and enlarged image
  • Files of different users uploadabe to different folders from the frontend
JBPrice Advance

JBPrice Advance

This is not just a price element, but a whole complex of functionality with discounts, stock etc.

  • A lot of currencies with automatic conversion
  • There are fields for discounts, stock, SKU
  • Customized parameters for specific characteristics of a product
  • Prices for attributes can be set in any currency or in percentage
  • Different templates
  • Such flags as “New”, “Sale”, “Best seller”
JBQuick View

JBQuick View

Quick preview of items in a pop-up window

  • Briefly displays necessary information
  • No need to open a page with a product to see detailed information
  • Option to select a template which will be used to display elements
  • Option to change the window size
  • Option to enable/disable scrolling
JBRelated Items (auto)

JBRelated Items (auto)

Related items automatically selected by similarity

  • Automatic picking of similar products
  • Possibility to choose one of search methods
  • Option to specify a catalog / category where to pick items from
  • Options to configure the number of item columns
  • Option to choose a template which will be used to display items
  • Fields that are used to determine similarity are configured in the control panel


Comments system integrated with social networks

  • Authorization via VKontakte and Facebook
  • Widgets for commenting through these social networks
  • Can be placed in any place of a content
  • Displayed as tabs
  • Messages are displayed with nesting


Great bunch of social buttons with different settings at option

  • VKontakte button with an option to customize its appearance
  • Facebook button with configurables: text, color and counter
  • Twitter button with its settings
  • Block: Share (Yandex Share)
  • Buttons and bookmarks of 20 different social networks


You can compare products using this element

  • Compare items by any fields
  • Buttons to add / remove from comparison
  • Table for comparison can either be horizontal or vertical
  • All fields of the table can be added in the control panel by dragging with a mouse
JBImage Slider (nivo)

JBImage Slider (nivo)

Image slider with lots of different effects

  • Images are chosen from the directory
  • Configurable dimensions, effects etc.
  • Automatic image resizing
  • Thumbnails can be used as controls
  • Element can be submitted by an item submission form


Allows users to add favorite products to the favorites list

  • Allows users to come back to their list after some time
  • Selected items are stored in a user profile
  • Information for unauthorized users is stored in cookies
  • Template for displaying a list of favorites can be configured in the control panel


Image gallery with a pop-up effect on click

  • Automatic image resizing to specified dimensions
  • Images are enlarged on click
  • Buttons to page images
  • Thumbnails for a rapid image selection
  • Button to enable slide-show
JBCascading Select

JBCascading Select

It is used for organization of related, nested elements

  • Used in a filter
  • Several variants of displaying a field in a filter form
  • Possibility to create different sets of data
  • Unlimited nesting
  • Random list of values; configured in the control panel