Free updates

We are constantly working on the new versions of our products. There we include features gathered from our users feedback. It’s not possible to implement all wishes at once, so we work on the most important ones. Almost every update contains new features and fixes of all known bugs.

All our active subscribers, regardless of their tariff plan, may download new product versions in their personal account without any additional payment.

How to know about updates?

There is nothing easier than to know about the new version right after the release:

  • There will be a notification in the website control panel (it can be disabled)
  • Follow our news (there is RSS there)
  • Subscribe to our social networks (at the header of our website)
  • We inform you about any news via forum newsletters (they can be disabled in the profile)

Also we create a separate topic in the updates section of our forum. It is used for gathering of new comments and for immediate help in case of any problems.

Some technical details…

Like the majority of modern software, JBZoo uses numeration system for its versions, delimiting version number with dors. Three numbers can be pointed out:

  • First one - this is a current version of JBZoo core. It changes rarely - approximately once in a year.
  • Second one - this is a number of major release. It is changed only when we release some important feature for the current core version. These versions contain significant and often complex functionality so they are released not very frequently - approximately once in 2-3 months.
  • Third one - this is a number of a minor release. Usually they contain small features and bug fixes. The periodicity of their releases depends on the current situation - approximately 1-2 times per month.

Beta versions

Sometimes, before major releases, we release a beta-version which is available to everybody on our forum. This is a kind of closed testing. It is made for more thorough testing and fixing of complex and floating bugs which we were unable to discover using our own cycle of testing.

During such testing all users can participate and inform developers about possibly incorrect work of announced functionality.

Still gotta questions, who can help me?

Visit our special JBZoo tech support forum which is specifically meant for JBZoo so the priority of the response and its promptness are much better there than in any other place. With inactive account with a “Plus” sign in a tariff plan you can ask for support in one of these sections or use any of our contacts.