Proprietary License Agreement

On granting the right to use a product on a non-exclusive basis (non-exclusive license)

This text is an agreement between and service users, which defines terms and conditions of use and purchase of software through online store rights and responsibilities shall provide services to its customers including free product updates within subscription term (180 days) and is obliged to correct critical errors of the application.

The client shall have the right to create a specific number of websites depending on the chosen tariff. Creating a larger number of websites is possible, should the expansion of your tariff plan take place. At that, only real domain names should be taken in account. is not responsible for the loss of access by the client; still it will facilitate its restoration by using the appropriate password recovery form on the website. shall maintain confidentiality of all data submitted by the client if the foregoing is not contrary to the current legislation.

Rights and responsibilities of the client

The client is authorized to create a website in the Internet on the basis and with the help of the software.

The client shall observe exclusive rights to the software, as well as all other rights reserved for and not transferred hereunder.

The client is authorized to use software logos in advertising campaigns, placement of information about the software on his/her site together with an indication to

The client is entitled to ask questions to technical support concerning software installation and operation according to the rules published on the web-page

The client may introduce modifications to the software and correct software errors without prior consent of, however in this case, any liability for the software without limitation to its operation, as well as any guarantee liability, is excluded.

The client may not distribute products in a free or restricted access without prior consent of

The client is authorized to use products for commercial projects if it is not contrary to the preceding article. Thus, all copyright shall remain without any changes.

As confirmation of the program ownership, the client shall provide his/her details used for payment. The client shall keep passwords (if any) in a safe place and shall be completely responsible for their safety. In case of license loss, the client waives any claims against the product (s) and

Reservation of rights and ownership

All rights not expressly granted hereunder are reserved by Laws and international agreements on copyright and other intellectual property rights protect this software.

All property rights, copyrights and other intellectual property rights against the software belong to

Limitation on reverse engineering and decompilation

It is not allowed to perform reverse engineering, decipher, decode or decompile the software and any of its components except for the cases expressly permitted by law despite the presence of such limitation in the license agreement.

Software code transition

Delivery of the software to the client is carried out via Internet to the submitted e-mail within 12 hours as soon as the payment has been successfully proceeded meaning that the money has entered to the account.

The client is authorized to transfer the software to another hoster.

If the client transfers information to the third parties, he/she cannot transfer more rights than those granted by in this license agreement. Transfer may be effected to only one person. In this case, the client shall keep neither originals nor copies of the records.

After the client has received the software, he/she is not allowed to effect its refund, since the client purchases the usage right, which refers to copyright items and is protected by law. Whereas according to the consumer protection laws, non-periodical editions belong to the list of non-food products, which are not subject to refund or exchange.

Products are considered delivered after the registration key has been issued or the software product has been downloaded. Information on registration keys generation and files downloading is stored on servers.

According to the consumer protection law, remote sales method excludes the possibility of direct examination of the product or product sample by the client. To examine the product the client is provided with video and graphic samples on a free-of-charge basis, therefore sale of the full version of the software on this website is not treated as remote sales method providing for the product withdrawal right within 30 days.

Termination of the agreement

Without prejudice to any of its rights may terminate this agreement, shall the client fail to observe its terms and conditions. Upon termination of the license agreement the client shall destroy all his/her copies of software and all its component parts.

For unauthorized distribution of a product or copyright breach, the client can be blocked on all resources by IP-address or even on an entire subnet for a time being. Moreover, is entitled to appeal to the appropriate law enforcement authorities, if required by the current legislation.

Entirety of the agreement. Extent of validity

This agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the Client and regarding software and technical support services, and supersedes all preceeding or concurrent oral or written agreements, proposals and representations with respect to the software and any other provisions of this license agreement. In case of conflict between software provisions and policy in regard to technical support services and provisions of this agreement, this agreement shall prevail. If any provision of this agreement shall be held null and void, the remaining provisions of this license agreement shall continue in full force and effect.

Shall the terms of this agreement conflict the terms of any partner agreement on software concluded between and the client, terms of such partner agreement take precedence, in all other respects both terms of this agreement and terms of partner agreement apply.

Warranty and technical support

Software is designed and provided «as is» as software to create a site with all drawbacks it may have at the time of granting. You agree that no software is free from errors.

Provided that you have a valid license, guarantees that:

Any support services provided by will substantially conform to the description thereof contained in the relevant documents provided to the client by; technical support engineers will make every reasonable effort to exercise reasonable care and apply their professional skills to solve problematic issues.

This warranty is void if error of the software has resulted from negligence, improper handling or operation. Customer agrees that the above warranty is the only warranty available for the client relating to the software and any technical support services.

Any servicing of the software, including warranty one, as well as consulting, troubleshooting, technical support and any other assistance of, provided by the terms of this agreement, is maintained on the forum access to which is given by e-mail addresses and details specified in this agreement in accordance with the rules of shall not perform any warranty services and provide technical support, if:

  • Subscription term is over.
  • It is impossible to repeat the described issue.
  • The client was unable to provide access to his/her site.
  • The question is asked in an inappropriate form or discussion fails to go in a constructive way.
  • The client fails to provide information required to solve a problem.
  • Solving the problem requires detailed diagnosis, serious revision of the functionality or issue of the software update.
  • Installation, update and configuration of the software took place with violation of the developer recommendations
  • Such services are due to poor performance of the program with other software installed and operated on your computer illegally, without appropriate and necessary licenses and permits in accordance with the law, if the computer is defective or fails to meet minimum requirements placed by the program to your computer.
  • Software has been somehow changed (change of qualities, features, functions, purpose and structure) by means not provided for in the software documentation.
  • Software has been damaged by other software, due to the properties of such software, in case of non-conformity of the hardware to specifications placed by the product.
  • Software has been damaged by a computer virus, other malicious software, or damaged by the client or third parties by intentional design, as well as by negligence.
  • Hoster, software environment and browser fail to meet system requirements.
  • Issue is beyond the scope of technical support.
  • Issue refers to functionality, which is provided by a third-party service independent from the developer.
  • Prior to filing an application the client was not made aware of the documentation section.

Moreover, support service team may request information on the software settings and information for access to server or site administrative panel, if necessary.

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