Demo website

As you know for sure, JBZoo application has its own demo website where you can have a look at website examples and test how our application works. After you buy JBZoo you can download a copy of this demo website and just go ahead, use it for experiments, training and quick-start.

Since JBZoo is a content constructor, we use a lot of different settings to define item types and their appearance. This way we determine what kind of website we’ll have (a blog, a store, a table etc) and its functionality. As a demo we have implemented several nice examples of JBZoo usage. Let’s briefly examine them below.

Everything in the demo works on JBZoo. We don’t use any other extensions.


Image slider and alphabetical index

You can see an example of the trading catalog on the frontpage. Slider is made using free Widgetkit component. Below you can find an alphabetical index and a list of popular products. Number of columns and their content can be completely configured in the control panel.


Detailed page of a product

If we go to the detailed page of the product with its features, we’ll see detailed information about it, its appearance and, maybe, some comments from buyers. In the product page there is a price element. You will also see such features as “Add to cart”, “Add to compare”, “Add to favorite” there. Below you can observe social buttons. There is also a rating element above the price.


Related items and comments

If you scroll this page down, you’ll see related products (JBRelated Items Auto) which are selected automatically by matched fields. There are also tabs with comments there (JBComments).


Categories module

There is a category module right at the bottom displaying the same catalog as tabs as well as a list of latest comments.


Filter at the top of a page You may note that there are search filters at the top and at the right of the page.


Real estate

Real estate page

Next page features real estate catalog (table with special layout). You can specify necessary fields (price, address etc.) and their values by yourself. Detailed page can contain pictures of objects, their characteristics and prices.


Detailed information about an object and related items

Like in a product catalog, you can display related items in a detailed page of a real estate object. You can bind an agent to an object and even specify its location on the map.



Filters and a table with lots of items

Third page is a table. It’s one of examples of a tabel output with lots of rows (in this case it’s 10000).

This table is sortable (within a particular table or in the whole database using a filter).

At the right you can see quick filter links.

Our application can easily handle output of large amount of items on a page and even complex filter conditions work fast.


Simple content

Blog page

Text page

Apart from specific content types JBZoo can be used for such simple pages as news, blog, FAQ or plain text pages.


New elements for ZOO

Links to elements examples

In the last section of the demo website you can see some examples of specific elements for ZOO.


Website control panel

Catalogs settings

If you are eager to know how the control panel works and looks, you can go to the screenshots page.

After downloading JBZoo you will be able to determine how your page will look like and what elements will be there.


Layouts settings

This is how the control panel of our demo website will look like.

If you will have any difficulties with configuration, you can read documentation or contact our tech support. Enjoy!

Still gotta questions, who can help me?

Visit our special JBZoo tech support forum which is specifically meant for JBZoo so the priority of the response and its promptness are much better there than in any other place. With inactive account with a “Plus” sign in a tariff plan you can ask for support in one of these sections or use any of our contacts.